What is an Ultrabook


An Ultrabook is a high end notebook with sleek design and reduced weight, without compromising in performance and battery life. Intel coined the term ‘Ultraboook’ and hence Ultrabook is a trademarked brand of Intel. Ultrabook stands for ultraportable notebook. Most Ultrabooks contain Intel processors which give them impressive performance capabilities. However, with the sleek design and limited size, Ultrabooks lack in some common features like ethernet ports and optical disc drives.

Since 2011. when Ultrabooks were introduced, they have redefined the market by their sylish design, light weight, impressive performance and good battery life. Ultrabooks have not only affected the markets of laptops and notebooks, but also the markets of MacBooks and tablet computers. the Ultrabook Directly competes against Apple’s McBook Air, which has similar performance and specifications.

The screen size range from 11 to 15 inches diagonally, weighs less than 3 pounds. The 14 inch Ultrabooks are 18mm (0.7 inch) or less in thickness, 15 inch Ultrabooks are about 18mm to 21mm (0.8 inch). If the Ultrabook aslo has a touchscreen feature thickness can grow to about 23mm (0.9 inch).

The Ultrabooks have long battery life, compact design, fast boot and resume, latest operating system, secure and an impressive performance.


The concept of ultrabook was introduced by Intel at Computex in 2011. Ultrabooks were a special breed of noteboks which are ultra slim packed with Intel processors, which would emphasize on prtability, battery life and performance. In 2012, Intel set aside $300 million to be spent for the research to be made in the field of Ultrabooks. Intel also announce a new fund for startups to work alongside them on the concept of next generation notebooks.

IHS iSuppli initially forecasted that 22 million units of Ultrabooks would be shipped by 2012 and 61 million units would be shipped by 2013 but it later revised its projection to 10 million and 44 million in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

In 2013, with the launch of Windows 8, Intel also launched Ultrabooks with touch screen.

The price of the Ultabooks started from $900 and most Ultabooks were priced above $1000, while the standard laptops of same specifications only cost $600. Now days, price of a cheapest laptop starts from $100 and goes from several thousands of dollars whereas the price of a cheapest ultrabook starts from $400 while the premium ones starts from $1000.


In 2011, when the Ultrabook was lauched, it ran the Huron River platform, which worked on Sandy Bridge architechture. The device had the RAM capacity from 2 GB to 4 GB, 5 hour long battery life and 1.5 GHz to 1.7 GHz processor.

In 2012, it ran the Chief River platform, which works on Ivy bridge architechture, which is capable of boasting most powerful processors.

Finally in June 2013, the Ultrabooks started to run the Shark Bay platform, which works on Haswell architechture. This increased the performance of the Ultrabooks significantly. The battery life was improved from 5 hours to 6-9 hours, the hibernation time was reduced from 7 seconds to 3 seconds. The new platform and architecture made the Ultrabooks faster, better and more efficient.

The Ultrabooks are also equipped with Intel management Engine, Intel Indentity Protection Tecnology and Intel Anti-Theft technology.


Ultrabooks are a new and advanced breed of laptops and notebooks. While it has some amazing features like more battery backup and portability and stylish design, it lack in mostly in terms of pricing and high end performance.

For day to day use it is a perfect companion for anyone.