Top 5 Chromebook Applications


Google has slowly been attempting to do what other software developers have been trying to do but without much success. And this is the ability to seamlessly provide a bridge between two operating systems in such a way that the application of one operating system can seamlessly run without any hitches on another operating system. So far, the software giant has been doing this using android and Chrome OS. The company has increasingly been making it easy to run android application on Chrome OS. Below are top 5 android applications to run on a Chromebook.

Cloud Magic

Cloud magic is the equivalent of Microsoft’s Outlook. Cloud Magic is the best option that any android user would opt for to keep tabs on multiple email accounts from different email carriers. This is the best application for anyone who would want easily maintain their Gmail, Exchange and an IMAP account. Since Google’s operating system, Chrome OS, does not come with an equivalent of Outlook for their desktop application, Cloud Magic comes in handy as a tool to manage all a user’s email account on Chrome OS.


Although Evernote’s web application works pretty well across all browsers, there is one key element that makes its android version a better option to use Evernote on Chrome OS over its web application. And this is the fact that the Android application comes packed with Google’s Material design. This makes it easy to use especially if you are a fan of using Google’s aesthetic. You will be able to use the same android user interface that is on the Evernote android application on your Chrome OS.


So you probably want to learn a new language but you are only restricted to the use of the duolingo application on your android device. Duolingo would be the perfect application to cross over to the Chrome OS space. Not only does the application make it very easy to quickly learn a new language, but it is also engaging, making learning a new language fun using a series of picture and word games.


The overdrive application is definitely one of those android applications that one would definitely wish to have on their desktop machines. Overdrive is an application which helps you connect to a wide range of libraries all over the world that will let you borrow e-books, audiobooks and other digital content. With this application on your Chromebook, you will be able to seamlessly continue reading a book on your computer where you left off on your phone. The application will also let you browse through available TV shows and movies when installed on your Chromebook.


If you want to bring Microsoft’s extremely popular voice and video calling service onto your Chromebook, there is no other option other than installing the android application on your Chromebook. This is because Microsoft is yet to release skype application that natively run’s on Chrome OS. With the android application, you will be able to enjoy all the perks that come with having a skype application on your android phone, on your Chromebook.


Remember, there are plenty of Chromebook apps available.  But these are some of our top picks.