Top 3 Best Ultrabooks


Are you planning to get an ultrabook in the near future? If yes, you will be amazed by the many choices you have. Different brands offer various models, and even though this increases your choices, but at the same time makes it difficult for you to decide on the best.

Generally, an ultrabook has two important aspects – it is a super-slim body with great battery life and uses low voltage processors, and has a great hard drive. We shall now get to learn about the top 3 ultrabooks, which are gaining more and more popularity, so that you can select the best for yourself.

1. Dell XPS 13

Dell XPS 13 comes with both a touchscreen model and a basic version, and is amongst the best ultrabook 2017 you can get at this price. Both these models are light and have an amazing display – 3,200 X 1,800.

According to what Dell claims, the battery of these ultrabooks can last you for 15 hours, which actually is a very good time length. The machines offer a great performance, with its 8 gigabytes RAM and 2.2GHz Intel Core CPU. Most importantly, the price of the gadget is really low ($699), compared to the great experience it ensures.

2. MacBook Air

The Ultrabook branding started as a kind of competition with this device, so not giving the MacBook Air a mention in this list would perhaps not be fair. It does not have an HD screen and nor does it have any touch screen option, yet this is the best tested model, and that sure is a big advantage. It is the first of this type, and both its software and hardware are very dependable.

If its operating system (OS X), 11.6 inch diagonal LED backlit glossy widescreen display, and 1366 X 768 resolution display, is not enough to attract you, then its low price – $899, will surely bring it in competition. In fact, few other models will offer you what this does, at this price. So, it certainly is amongst the best ultrabooks under $1000.

3. Microsoft Surface Ultrabook

The recently introduced Microsoft Surface Book, can be the most expensive one in this list, but the amazing features it offers, without doubt is worth it. It is one of the best as far as performance is concerned, with its 8 GB RAM, 2.4GHz Intel Core processor, and an amazing PixelSense display – 3,000 X 2,000.

This detachable tablet not only offers great performance, but also is very classy. It does come with its downside, including its shorter battery life, particularly if you use it without its keyboard. It also is a little heavy in weight and is indeed quite pricey – $1499. However, if you can afford to spend a generous amount, you certainly should consider this gadget.


These are the best ultrabooks that you can consider. Each of them is good in their own ways, and which one you opt for is basically a matter of choice. However, before you make your purchase, give importance to certain factors including, weight, display, battery life, touchscreen, price, and overall performance. If you keep all these factors in mind, you easily will be able to buy the best ultrabook to suit your needs perfectly.