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his family has two children

Aug 29th 2013, 6:23 am
Posted by dsnfken635
'clock, as usual, she got up and began to grind sesame stir the day. About half an hour later,mulberry outlet, she took the day before the good grinding sesame oil to the market to sell, 8:30 or so back home from the bazaar to the granddaughter Nana cook. "About nine o'clock to do after dinner,louboutin pas cher, I eat Qu Han granddaughter, but the children are not told how awake." Mrs Wu said, when she suddenly had a sense of foreboding, opened the quilt touched,gucci, granddaughter has not breathing, loss of Wu old woman hurried call to his family and neighbors. For Nana's death, the neighbors have speculated that some say they are being killed,mulberry, it was said to myocardial infarction. "Yesterday still alive and kicking it in the evening to eat a bun, two eggs and two ham, how he suddenly died of it " Nana's aunt was wondering, attentive she found Nana's neck there is a very deep fingernail India, "like a small crescent, very purple", she suspected Nana was killed. Subsequently, Nana's family called the police. This time is 13:00 o'clock. [Solved] crime murderer turned out to be the same village neighbors ZheChengXian police rushed to the scene, after investigation, found Nana's fingernail scratches, above two congestion, ordered the case as murder. Since the alarm time later, Wu old woman came home a lot of people,toms outlet, the scene was a large degree of damage. After careful investigation the police found, cabinets, drawers are not turning marks,hogan outlet, only the bed was paved mat ruffled traces mat placed below cash. By Mrs Wu family inventory and found less cash part, but not all stolen. "Looking at the situation from the scene investigation, the suspect is likely to be stolen when the little girl found murdered caused case,hogan, because the little girl at home is doing business better economic conditions." Zhecheng County Public Security Bureau analysis of high Shengwei said. In the course of the investigation, police found the dead man's family duty, there is no obvious contradictions. Then, shift the focus of the task force, the Secretary Gao Shengwei to the bereaved families filed a request to allow them to think the village who has committed an offense, or have the habit of petty theft. Savvy soon thought Anzhong Ling Wu old woman, his family has two children, daughter mental retardation, lack of income sources of economic hardship, but also petty habits. And the incident that day, Wu old woman took to the streets to sell oil in the alley met Anzhong Ling. Police asked to Anzhong Ling family, Anzhong Ling said the incident that morning, he got up and went to the mother's house, and then wash your hair, barber,hollister outlet, doctor. Police visited and found Anzhong Ling doing, and he used the time to match. Careful police also found Anzhong Ling's face had a big injury beans, Anzhong Ling said that when exposed bark scratched, but forensic considered to be resistant to injury. A lot of doubt, the police stepped up Anzhong Ling trial efforts Anzhong Ling quickly confessed killing Nana facts of the crime. [Sorry] girl escaped unharmed as Zhuangshui be accountable according Anzhong Ling, March 12 morning, he met Nana's grandmother go out to sell oil, that Mrs Wu nobody home, and wanted to go to their home theft. "Main room did not lock the door, I opened the door into the main room to the back room and saw a small Nier was sleeping and I opened the bed mats east and saw the money under the mat,louboutin, is preparing to take the time, that Xiaoni children woke up and asked me to get Shane I do not let her talk, she wants to tell her grandfather, I say you want to say I pinch you your grandfather, grandmother she said go to the market quickly returned, she told her grandmother. " An Zhongling accountable to hear the little girl said something to tell my grandparents, he also scared up, grabbed my mind a little heat on Nier's neck. After committing the crime,hogan, Anzhong Ling took some cash under the mat fled the scene. After verified, Anzhong Ling took a total of more than 1,louboutin,000 yuan in cash. Currently, Anzhong Ling has been the local prosecutors approved the arrest,louboutin pas cher, the case transferred into the review process. "If you do not insist on the little girl told her grandmother, maybe a murder case can be avoided. Little girl can dress asleep with his head covered, loaded asleep both look suspect's appearance, it does not provoke a suspect." For Little girl practice high Shengwei felt very sorry, this is caused by the lack of safety education "against a stronger enemy, encountered a similar thing must be witty response, we must first ensure their own safety."


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