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Music Explore The Inner Soul

May 15th 2012, 3:32 am
Posted by clorindacd
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In the early to mid seventies, ?there were some better rooms cropping up like the El Mocambo, The Jarvis House, The Midwich Cuckoo. Pickett and Finlayson were working these rooms, and eventually I was too.

CHC: Were there also Canadian blues artists performing at that time? ?Of these, which were your biggest influence?

Al : King Biscuit Boy (Richard Newell) was around then but I didn't discover him until later on. There were a few harp players around Toronto that I liked that were a few years older than me; Michael Pickett who was with a good band called Whiskey Howl, and a guy named Fraser Finlayson who played in a band called Knights Of The Mystic Sea, which was led by Morgan Davis. I would hang out a bit with these guys and get an occasional lesson from them. They'd be at the same blues shows I was going to see too. There was another guy named Rolly Platt that I liked who played in a country-rock band called Cement City.

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Jingle vs Sound-Bed

Jingles were big in the 80s. Any brand that was #1 in its category had the general public humming its tune.

He eagerly copied his older sister Maria Anna (generally called Nannerl), age 7, as their father gave her lessons. Nannerl herself was quite talented, though not to the same prodigious extent as her younger brother, and the family's earliest European tours featured both youngsters.

By all accounts, their father Leopold Mozart loved his children very much, and stood in awe of his small son's musical accomplishments. In the boy's earliest efforts at composition, he played his small works for his father, who transcribed them to paper.

Young Wolfgang, with his father and sometimes sister in tow, performed for royalty all over Europe from the age of 6. During the next 11 years, the boy met numerous leading musicians and composers from Vienna to London to Milan, and developed a reputation for himself not only as a performer, but also a very able composer in his own right.

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There are so many websites available on the web which are into the business of providing free services to download or listen to MP3 songs online. One of the main reason of growing online trend is that people now rely more on online services. One can get all types of genres on these various portals and choose the best for themselves. This is not all, there are different sections with assorted ranges for every kind of person. This way, these websites serve to all age groups.

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